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Just Shut Up and Buy The  House!
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Just Shut Up and Buy The Book!

Just Shut Up and Buy the House, answers the following questions for Real Estate Agents:

  • How to create "sticky" effective websites
  • How to write effective copy for great advertising.
  • How to get the listing, EVERY TIME
  • How to compel REAL buyers to respond to your ads
  • How to use 1-800 numbers effectively
  • How to write a compelling first offer and come out a winner!
  • How to create dependable, recurring income.
Jeffrey Gittomer "As the real estate market bounces in availability, price and value, as interest rates fluctuate, and as the availability of credit ebbs and flows, each of you needs a voice of reason to aide you in helping your clients make the biggest financial decision of their lives.  That voice of reason is John Horne.  Buy this book, study this book, and bank on this book as you help your customers buy real estate at the most opportune time in 100 years. "

-- Jeffrey Gitomer
author of The Little Red Book of Selling and The Sales Bible
(8 time New York Times Best Seller)


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  "PR.COM - Reports this book is taking Real Estate Professionals by storm, make no mistake, this one is going to be HUGE."
  "Thanks to this new book by John Horne, I know what to say to clients     from the initial conversation all the way to close"
--Keith Jones-- Syracuse

  ""This Book is FILLED with amazing conversational patterns that have already resulted in 2 sales for me, and I just read the first 4 chapters!"
-- Ken Robinson-RE-Arizona"